Beach goers deal with rise in jelly fish stings at Charleston beaches

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Charleston county officials say the number and severity of jellyfish stings are on the rise.

In the past week, there were more than 300 stings at area beaches.

The rise in jelly fish stings hasn't stopped many beach goers from entering the water.

"I'm not afraid. If you get stung you get stung," said Folly Beach park manager Eric Stewart. "I just love the beach I am not afraid."

Beach officials are surprised by the number of stings.

"We've seen a large increase. This year it's a lot more," Stewart said.

On a normal day at the Folly Beach pier, there are two or three stings. In that last two days there have been a total of 300.

"Oh wow, I hadn't heard they were that many," said Meredith Mauldin of Summerville. "But I'm still going in I am determined."

Some beaches let swimmers know they should be on the look out for jelly fish.

"Behind all the stands we fly a purple flag. That means there are marine pests present," Stewart said.

If you get stung there are steps you can immediately take to take away the pain.

"Best thing to do is to put vinegar on it if it's a jelly fish sting," Stewart explained. "Make sure you remove the tentacles."

Stewart added that you can use a credit card or sand to rub the tentacles off your body.

Beach officials said they have also been dealing with man-of-war stings as well. Those stings will turn the area purple. If you get bit by a man-of-war, do not put vinegar on it. Instead, see a doctor immediately.

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