Neglected horses recovering in new home

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Three horses rescued from a farm two weeks ago seem to be adjusting to their new home. Angela Biggans saw them that day while driving home and called Bulloch County Animal Control. She said the three, along with others, were dehydrated, malnourished and more.

"What caught my eye was there was a mare down, one of the horses, six were in the field but one was down," she explained. "I tried to get her up, some neighbors came and helped me, but she stayed down."

Animal control and a vet had to put down that horse the same night. The Georgia Department of Agriculture convinced the owner to surrender the horses and Angela volunteered to adopt three, including a month-old colt.

"They're not just something you stick out in the field and forget about and they're not like dogs and cats that can scrounge around for their own food," she added.

Angela knows these aren't the only horses around suffering from neglect.

Animal control officer Chris Ivey said they're seeing more horses neglected, even abandoned, in this economy. He said owners who want to help their animals can get help.

"There are several rescue groups in Bulloch and surrounding counties or you can call the Department of Agriculture and they can help you place it," he stated. " You can even contact the department of agriculture and they may be able to help you with feed and medical bills."

Angela said the appreciative look in a horse's eye makes it all worthwhile.

"It is like therapy. You come out after you get home and work with the horses and you can see they like it," she said.

An equine rescue group took possession of the other two horses. The former owner awaits a magistrate hearing on mistreatment charges and could still face a fine.

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