Woman accused of running over repo man claims self defense

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The woman accused of running over a repo man July 21 drove more than 4 miles away from the scene of the accident, said detectives in a preliminary hearing Friday.

She faces attempted murder charges as a result of the incident.

The victim, Vincent Sclafani, still can't remember what happened that night, but witnesses and investigators painted a picture of Juanima Porter's actions for Sclafani and the preliminary hearing court judge.

A man who lives at the apartment complex where Sclafani was repossessing Porter's car said Sclafani was hit twice and wound up perched on the hood of the car hanging on for his life.

Another witness said Sclafani was hit four or five times.

In the 911 calls, Sclafani can be heard screaming that he was on the hood of a moving car.

[Listen to the 911 call. (WAV)]

A deputy found Sclafani doubled over at a stop sign on Trolley Road. Investigators believe Sclafani held on to the hood of the car for a quarter-mile before falling off.

Porter's defense attorney Sharon Capers claims Sclafani jumped onto the hood of the car. Porter had no intent to hit the repo man, she said. Capers asked the judge to reduce the attempted murder charge, saying Porter's reaction was one of self defense.

Prosecutors said Porter's behavior was reckless and pointed to the distance investigators say she traveled with Sclafani on the hood of the car. The judge agreed, refusing to reduce the attempted murder charge.

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