Kohl's moving to Ashley Crossing shopping center?

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A deserted West Ashley shopping center could soon be getting a revival.

It has been three years since Wal-Mart moved out of the Ashley Crossing shopping center at Magwood and Glenn McConnell in West Ashley.

During that time, other businesses have had a tough time staying afloat without a major retailer anchoring the shopping center, but it seems that retail giant Kohl's could soon bring new life to the shopping center.

"It's a shopping center that, like a lot of older suburban shopping centers, is kind of in the process of renewal right now," said Tim Keane , director of Charleston city planning.

Keane said that Kohl's showed interest and that the store is examining whether occupying a space in the shopping center is a good idea for them or not. Keane added that it is not a done deal yet.

Other business owners in the center are thrilled at the idea of Kohl's or any other major retailer moving in.

"Oh, it would mean tremendous growth for our business," said Sharon Foster who owns Post Net. "We were here when Wal-Mart left the shopping center and we saw a huge decline in our business because then all the stores around us moved out."

Foster added that she used to have to keep six to eight employees at the front of her store when Wal-Mart was still her neighbor.

"After they left we cut back to two people, two customer service reps on the counter," she said. "So I can tell you the foot traffic should increase about 50 percent or more inside my store."

The shopping center is easily accessible to Interstate 526 which could be a draw for Kohl's.

Keane said the property owners in the shopping center plan on making some big changes. He said that could include a major facelift of the entire shopping center and a possible redesign of the entire parking lot.

The corporate office at Kohl's and the Ashley Crossing property owners were not available to comment.

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