James Island mayor won't attend council meetings

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - James Island mayor Mary Clark says she will not attend any more meetings with the "lame duck" council.

On Wednesday, Clark said she canceled the remainder of the council meetings under her term because there is no business to be done. According to Clark, certain council members wished to keep the meetings as scheduled. Clark, however, says she will not attend.

In a statement released Tuesday, Mayor Clark said, "I know that those council men are only trying now to fix mistakes and give each other plaques of achievement. I believe the public is best served by allowing the new councilmen and mayor an opportunity to pre-plan how they will administer the town."

According to Mayor Clark, Mayor-Elect Bill Woolsey has already made staff changes and has been at Town Hall every day since winning the election. Woolsey will be sworn in August 31.

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