Oil-soaked bird washes up on NC beach

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) - A bird soaked in black oil washed up on Ocean Isle Beach on Tuesday.  It was taken to the River Road Animal Hospital in Southport to be cleaned up.

Wednesday morning, employees at the Animal Hospital reported the bird, which is likely a type of seagull, is doing much better and even eating fish.

The bird got a bath with Dawn dish detergent to remove the oil, and is now able to stand up and eat.

Employees at the Animal Hospital, as well as local wildlife expert, Mary Ellen Rogers, all believe the oil was not from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Instead, they think a passing ship may have deposited some oil that got on the bird.  It's also possible that a fisherman could have dumped oil on the bird.

While the oil is not believed to be from the Gulf, Rogers said an oil-soaked bird is a rare sight in Southeastern North Carolina.  Rogers has rescued 900 birds and says only two of the rescues have been oil-related.

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