Lowcountry students match last year's results on ACT scores

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Details on how South Carolina students measured up with ACT scores are in. The test results were released Wednesday.

Public high school graduates matched last year's performance on the college entrance exam even though there were an extra 1,100 students taking the test. Typically, more test-takers means lower scores...but that didn't happen this year.

Seniors had a composite score average of 19.7, which was the same as last year. That is a little below the national average of 21, which is down 1/10 of a point.

Education superintendent Jim Rex said South Carolina's average has gained 3/10 of a point since 2006.

ACT considers a change of 3/10 of a point to be statistically significant while 1/10 of an ACT point is comparable to four points on the SAT.

Average act scores for white students increased 1/10 of a point to 22.

African-American students' average scores were 16.5, matching last year's mark.

ACT includes four tests in English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning. Scores are reported in each of those as well as the overall composite.

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