Duley's family says she's not the monster you might think

Duley family
Duley family

By Tim Pulliam - email

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - The mother and sister of Shaquan Duley are opening up about the horrific ordeal their family is now faced with. They're both asking the community not to judge the woman accused of killing her children before her day in court.

Helen Duley says her daughter Shaquan Duley is different from the person you've seen in the headlines. "She was a good mother," said Helen. "This is a phase. I don't want a bad image. She was a loving mom to all three of her kids."

Helen says Shaquan was under a lot of pressure to provide for her kids, anxiety Helen says Shaquan kept to herself. Her troubles became known after deputies say Shaquan confessed to suffocating her two boys in a motel room before leaving them in the Edisto River.

Despite the murder charges against Shaquan, Helen says she really loved her boys. Helen describes Devean as a very happy and active child. "He was an organizer, too," said Helen. "Cars and trucks."

She says Ja'Van loved to smile. "I called him my Gerber baby," said Helen. "Children are a gift from God. They were a gift for me."

Shaquan's younger sister, Adriane Duley, hopes mothers who are having a hard time will learn from this tragedy. "I feel there's a silver lining in this dark cloud," said Adriane. "Someone's gonna get the help they need."

Helen has a message for her oldest daughter facing murder charges. "I genuinely love you," said Helen. "I hold nothing against you. I will stick with you until the day I die."

Helen also says reports that she berated her daughter are not true. She says she only tried to instill the values into her children that were passed down to her.

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