Christine Jackson for House District 98

Christine Jackson for House District 98
Christine Jackson for House District 98

Representing the People

At the core of Christine Jackson's campaign for House District 98 is her commitment to serving the people of the district and the state. She is uniquely qualified to comprehend the concerns of families, small businesses and working people.

Christine lives in Westcott Plantation in Summerville, with her husband, Kenneth, a small business owner. They have four children who attend public schools. Christine herself has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Business Administration, both from Southern Wesleyan University. She has 11 years' experience in information technology management, and has spent 6 years as a policy analyst in the field of conservation.

Christine has the endorsement of Conservation Voters of South Carolina.

She serves the community through a variety of volunteer opportunities because she believes in the importance of giving back to the community. It is this spirit which impelled her to run for the State House.

Christine believes that education, conservation and job creation go hand in hand. An educated population, along with community growth based on Smart Growth principles, will attract employers; investment in solar, wind and bio fuel technologies will create jobs. South Carolina can be a leader in green technology by investing in our own people, while helping to conserve our environment and valuable resources.

In addition, jobs can be created and sustained through our state government contracting with local businesses, rather than large corporations or out of state businesses.

Christine Jackson is not a career politician with ties to special interests or to any industry. She is an informed and passionate citizen who is willing to step up and provide leadership and representation based on what is right, rather than on cronyism or political machine politics.

Isn't it time we sent a representative to Columbia who will represent OUR interests?


  • Support for public schools
  • Create an educated workforce to attract employers to SC
  • Provide adequate funding for schools


  • Job creation through investment in solar, wind and bio fuel technologies
  • Support smaller businesses
  • South Carolina government should make purchases through local businesses


  • Protect our coast – no offshore drilling
  • Preserve our valuable natural resources
  • Endorsed by the Conservation Voters of South Carolina

Efficient Government

  • Transparency in all branches of government
  • Common sense fiscal responsibility

Now You Have a Choice!

November 2, 2010
Vote for Christine Jackson
For SC House District 98