Greene plays golf for first time during Murrells Inlet visit

By Evan Lambert - bio | email

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - Democratic senate nominee Alvin Greene made a stop in the Grand Strand Sunday to play his first ever game of golf.

Greene was invited to play at the Indigo Creek Golf Club by Myrtle Beach resident Gerry Shea. Shea said he called Greene on Friday to extend the invitation.

"I didn't know if he'd accept or not. I thought he might, but I was surprised he did," said Shea.

Greene played all morning with Shea and a friend and planned to have lunch after the game as well.

Although there were some misses and many practice shots, Greene's game did improve throughout the morning.

The real goal, according to Greene, was to meet residents of the area and share his campaign ideas, which include ending the recession and improving South Carolina's infrastructure.

Greene said "widening major highways across the state, especially evacuation routes leading from the coast," is on his agenda.

Although the senate hopeful didn't make a hole in one, he did gain some support.

"I'm open-minded and he seems like a really nice guy and I give him credit for accepting the invitation and coming down and playing with us. He's got my vote," Shea said.

Greene seemed to enjoy himself on the course and the threesome was heard making "Greene on the green" jokes multiple times during the game.

"It's nice just being out here and spending time with the constituents of South Carolina and just enjoying the good weather," Greene said.

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