Some Charleston County residents experiencing discolored water

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some Charleston residents are reporting discolored water pouring from their faucets Tuesday, but the Charleston Water System says it is still safe.

About a dozen customers called Charleston Water System Tuesday evening with concerns about their water having a yellow appearance. The yellow color was caused by a temporary change in the water source that supplies Charleston Water's treatment plant.

The Charleston Water System has two water sources, the first is the Bushy Park Reservoir and the second is the Edisto River.

On Monday, the treatment plant switched to the Edisto River source, which is dark brown in color because of the recent rainfall. The high color is difficult to remove in the treatment process and although it may not appear clear, the water is safe and meets all water quality standards.

Charleston Water System expects the yellow water to clear up by Wednesday afternoon.

For more information, call Charleston Water System Customer Service at 727-6800.

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