Investigators: Twins left alone while mother picked up friend

Isiah and Isiac Brown. (Source: Facebook)
Isiah and Isiac Brown. (Source: Facebook)
The distance Brown traveled to pick up her friend.
The distance Brown traveled to pick up her friend.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The woman who died along with her twin 3-year-old sons in a house fire left the twins home alone while she went to pick up a friend, investigators announced Wednesday evening.

According to investigators, Mary P. Brown, of Greenpark Avenue, traveled more than two miles away from her home after leaving food cooking on the stove. When she returned with her friend Kimario Simmons -- the man who made the 911 call Tuesday night -- the house was fully engulfed.

Investigators do not know how long the children were left alone.

Brown and her sons Isiah and Isiac Brown died of smoke inhalation, Charleston County Coroner's Office officials said. All three were pronounced dead at area hospitals.

Simmons told investigators Brown shrieked when she saw the signs of fire and ran into the house. She returned with one of the twins and put him in Simmons' arms.

She would not return.

Simmons was instructed to give the child CPR by the emergency dispatcher. He indicated the child was breathing when Brown pulled him from the fire, "but you can tell the smoke get to him," Simmons told the dispatcher.

According to investigators, three pots that were left unattended started the fire in the kitchen. There was no fire alarm in the kitchen, but a working alarm was present in the bedroom area of the house.

The fire didn't produce many flames, but lots of smoke was reported by fire officials and witnesses. In fact, firefighters said it only took 10 gallons of water to put out the fire.

One of the twin boys was found outside the home, the other was found inside a bedroom and the mother was found in the hallway near bedroom.

Firefighters arrived to heavy smoke and found the other victims inside. Brown and her small boys were rushed to the hospital where they were later pronounced dead.

Several fire departments were dispatched to the scene, including the Charleston, St. Andrews and St. Johns Fire Departments.

A peer support group was brought to the scene Tuesday night to counsel firefighters who might have been shaken up after having to pull the woman and two young boys out of the house.

Investigators say no charges are pending at this time.

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