1 arrested after argument turns to gun fire

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A fight over a dog led to one North Charleston man being arrested for attempted murder Thursday.

According to police, when Steven Mack and Devon Joseph Smith got into an argument over one of Mack's dogs, the vocal altercation got so heated one of Smith's friends, Joel Tracy, tried to remove Smith from the Mack's residence, but Smith pulled out a gun.

Mack and his wife Shalon retreated to the bedroom and tried to shut the door on Smith. That's when they said Mack fired a shot through the door and into the floor. Smith and Tracy then fled the scene, said police.

Officers found the spent shell casing on the Mack's living room floor and bullet holes in the bedroom door and the floor.

Officers also found Tracy's home on Garrett Street where Tracy and another man were sitting outside. At first, Tracy told the officers he had not been at the Mack's home and had not seen Smith in several hours, officers said. However, he later quietly directed officers to the bathroom where Smith was found hiding behind the shower curtain.

Officers said they would return later with a search warrant to locate the gun used in the incident.

Smith was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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