SC Job finding site launches Monday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce is debuting the new Virtual One-Stop system for job seekers and employers on Monday.

The site serves the same function as the agency's 38 offices around the state, which according to state officials is to connect employers and job seekers.

"The Virtual One-Stop has been a long time in planning and development," said Executive Director John L. Finan. "We've had other job search engines in the past, but we wanted something more modern, more on the cutting edge of technology. I think all of our customers, both job seekers and employers, are going to see a dramatic improvement and a much more effective system."

"The advantage of is that it is literally one search engine that encompasses all the results you would find at the other search engines into one place," added Courtney Nowak of the SCDEW Workforce Development Program.

She says instead of subscribing to all of these other search engines, when people register at S.C. One-Stop and create a resume and start searching for jobs, they're not only looking at the jobs that the agency has recruited on to the site, but also jobs that are coming from search engines all over the nation.

Job seekers will be able to access the site 24/7 from any Internet connection, including Smartphones. Users can also use Resume Builder software, which is searchable by employers or import an existing resume. It also connects to all other major job search engines, greatly expanding the reach of customers.

With both a Bachelors and a Masters Degree under her belt, Akea Coakley never though she would be looking for work after more than a year of job hunting.

"Never," she said emphatically. "Never at all."

She had used the old job finding site through the workforce center, but was not impressed.

"The old site was OK," Coakley said. "But when you're going to look for a job and you apply you still never hear anything back from employers."

"The program that we had before just did not match up people well with jobs," Coastal Workforce Center Assistant Area Director Sheila Daniels said.

Daniels says employers would sometimes have a hard time finding the job applicants that fit the qualifications needed for the position. Now she says the site is much more user-friendly.

The wider data base of jobs to pull from gives job hunters like Earnie Sibalich another tool in his job hunting toolbelt.

"Never really had to worry about finding a job or going through all this before," Sibalich said. "I've always kept busy."

Since the breaks have been put on much of the construction industry, however, Sibalich has found himself in the same boat as Coakley.

"I've gone through schooling and everything else to try and find a career change," he said. "Really right now there's not a whole lot available."

He says he is ready to check out the new site, and hopes it will give him new options.

"You just try to do the best you can and not get discouraged," he said. "Hopefully something will pop up and you can jump on it fast enough."

Registration at the website is free.

Job seekers can also take advantage of:

  • Job Market Explorer - tells which jobs are in demand
  • Skills and career assessment tools.
  • Background Wizard - allows you to build and publish up to 10 distinct resumes.
  • Virtual Recruiter - looks all over the web for jobs that meet your criteria.
  • Education information - tells about training programs in your area.
  • Online learning resources - provides information on free training and open courseware, from GED assistance to continuing education.
  • Budget help - explains how to build a household budget, apply for financial aid and prepare a transitional budget for tough times.
  • Employers will be able to search locally, statewide and nationally for either potential employees' resumes or labor market statistics. Employer tools include:

  • Virtual Recruiter, which schedules automated candidate searches tailored to talent needs.
  • Real-time labor market information to provide details about the available workforce.
  • Industry, wage and occupational data 
  • Information about registered job seekers, training opportunities, and workforce development programs.
  • Employee relations, EEO, workplace wellness, and incentive information. Find guidance about labor laws, personnel management, and potential eligibility for special perks.
  • SCVOS is developed and maintained by a national developer of multiple top-rated job search sites, recognized by the US Department of Labor.

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