Police: Burglar gets stuck in vent after trying to rob Shoney's

Kevin Michael Harley
Kevin Michael Harley

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A burglar had a difficult time trying to rob the Shoney's restaurant in North Charleston Sunday night.

North Charleston police arrested 23-year-old Kevin Michael Harley on second degree burglary charges after he got stuck in a vent while trying to rob a restaurant.

An employee arrived at work to open the restaurant Monday morning when she heard a male voice yelling for help and pleaing to get him out of here. The employee was frightened, since no one was supposed to be in the restaurant at that time, so she exited the building and called the police.

North Charleston police were dispatched to 6328 Rivers Ave. and upon arrival, heard the same male voice calling for help. The responding officer asked the man to show himself, but the voice responded by telling the officer that he could not because he was stuck in a vent. The officer then observed a foot hanging in the vent above one of the stoves located in the kitchen.

The officer then went up to the roof and observed a white male trapped in a vertical position in one of the vents leading to the kitchen. The male was wearing socks on his hands to avoid leaving fingerprint evidence.

Harley told police he entered the Shoney's sometime after 10 p.m. Sunday. He then told police he was extremely thirsty and had difficulty breathing.

Authorities were able to remove Harley from the vent and he was handcuffed to a  gurney and placed in leg restraints prior to being transported to the hospital by EMS. He was transported to MUSC for injuries he sustained during his entrapment in the grease vent.

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