Thieves steal forklifts, then steal ATMs

POWDERSVILLE, S.C. (AP) - You have to have the right tools to steal automated teller machines.

South Carolina sheriff's deputies say thieves stole two tractors with forklifts from a construction site and then stole ATMs from two nearby banks in Anderson County.

The Anderson Independent-Mail reported thieves took the ATMs in Powdersville sometime between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Monday.

Deputies have not identified any suspects because the tractors blocked the surveillance video.

Sheriff's spokesman Chad McBride says deputies think more than one person was involved because of the multiple locations.

Officials say the thieves stole the tractors from the new Powdersville High School and drove them to Peoples National Bank and Pinnacle Bank. They left a tractor in each bank parking lot.

No word on how much money was taken.

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