Police: Man tased after threatening officer with machete

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man was tased, then arrested after police say he threatened an officer with a machete last week.

According to Charleston police, a marked patrol car passed by 27-year-old Isaiah Ulmer on foot and Ulmer attempted to throw something towards the vehicle and also tried to kick the police car. The police officer quickly stopped his vehicle and observed Ulmer flee on foot.

The responding officer was able to locate the suspect standing in a driveway at 1109 Brownswood Rd. and observed that Ulmer had a silver machete style knife in his right hand. The knife was approximately 16 inches long and Ulmer appeared to be trying to conceal the weapon behind his leg.

Standing about 20 feet away, the officer removed his taser and aimed at Ulmer while giving him loud verbal commands to drop the knife. Instead, Ulmer took a step towards the officer and the officer shot Ulmer in the chest region with the taser for about five seconds, according to police. Ulmer fell backwards to the ground still holding the machete in his hand.

The officer then commanded Ulmer to again "Drop the knife or I will tase you again." At that time, Ulmer attempted to stand up with the knife still in hand. The officer then tased him again for three to four seconds, but the offender refused to drop the knife. The offender was on his feet again still holding the knife when the officer tased him for a third time.

At that time, the offender dropped the knife and he was arrested. Ulmer was charged with assault and battery in the third degree. he was transported to Roper St. Francis Hospital where he was treated for taser deployment and for a minor abrasion on the back of his head that he received after falling backwards on the ground.

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