Man convicted, sentenced on 2006, 2008 sexual assaults

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston County jury found Antonio D. Patterson guilty of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct regarding a 2006 sexual assault. The jury found Patterson not guilty of the accompanying possession of a weapon during a violent crime charge.

Upon the conviction, Patterson entered a guilty plea to an additional charge of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct regarding a subsequent sexual assault that occurred in 2008 involving a different victim.

Managing Assistant Solicitor Jennifer Kneece Shealy said that she admired the courage of both victims in contacting the police.

"These victims stood strong in prosecuting Mr. Patterson," she said.

"The cooperation of sexual assault victims is critical in getting predators like Patterson off the street.  The victims in these two cases were quite brave — not only in coming forward with the information against the predator but also in their willingness to testify in court," said Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.

The charges against Antonio Patterson in the 2006 assault arose when the victim fled the scene of the rape and used a neighbor's phone to call 911.

The charges regarding the 2008 assault arose when the victim dialed 911 while still in the residence with Patterson, and the police arrived while Patterson was still present.

Patterson was on bond for the first rape when he committed the second.

During the trial of the 2006 assault, the victim took the stand and described to the jury the sexual assault. With both assaults, Patterson lured the women to his house. Judge Deadra Jefferson sentenced Mr. Patterson to a concurrent twelve years in prison.

Patterson's criminal record before the two sexual assault charges consisted of an indecent exposure conviction from August, 1995.

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