Construction landfill request withdrawn

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The hotly contested request to build a construction landfill in Charleston County was withdrawn, county officials announced Thursday. That means the plan is off the table, at least for the next year.

Charleston County Council's Planning and Public Works Committee was scheduled to consider the request a meeting Thursday afternoon.

TRP, LLC withdrew the requests for property on Savannah Highway near Ravenel, according to a release from county spokeswoman Jennie Davis Flinn. The company must wait a year before trying again; but the County Council can waive that waiting period if they think it's necessary.

According to the proposal, the landfill would have accepted only materials such as logs, vegetation, bricks, cardboard, glass, box springs and furniture. It would not have accepted oil filters, machine parts, hazardous and effluent waste, municipal solid waste or electronic equipment.

A public hearing was held on it last December at Baptist Hill High School in which members of the Adams Run and Ravenel communities voiced concern their property values would decline if they were situated next to a landfill.

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