Bond hearing scheduled for mother accused of killing toddlers

ORANGEBURG, SC (WCSC/WIS) - The mother accused of smothering her two toddlers then rolling their bodies into the Edisto River in her car is expected to have a bond hearing next week.

The hearing for Shaquan Duley is set for 2 p.m. Monday at the Orangeburg County courthouse.

The solicitor says he will urge the judge to refuse bond for Duley, but hasn't said whether he will seek the death penalty in the case.

Authorities found Duley's two boys strapped in their car seats inside Duley's car which was in the Edisto River back on Aug. 16.

Shaquan Duley's attorney, Carl Grant, says he has filed a request for all police reports, photos and evidence. While Grant ponders his next move, another lawyer familiar with the case is talking about what could happen next.

Columbia defense attorney Hemphill Pride says heavy publicity about the crimes could be an issue that could affect when the bond hearing is held.

"I think the biggest reason that a lawyer would not want to have a bond hearing is where the case has a horrid kind of facts involved as this case does," Pride said. "You don't want to get the media, so you try and stay away from the media as much as possible until you get to trial."

Shortly after Duley's arrest, Grant filed a request for an immediate bond hearing. He later decided he wanted to review information collected by investigators before moving forward with the hearing.

Orangeburg County's sheriff has said Duley confessed to the killings. Grant says he wants to see Duley's statement and other evidence from the Orangeburg area solicitor before deciding how to proceed. That's not surprising, according to Pride.

"I'm certain that he wants to examine that because in a bond hearing that's one thing the judge will take under consideration," Pride said. "I'm certain that Mr. Grant will want to be in a position that he can respond."

A bond hearing would center on questions including whether Duley is a flight risk, a danger to the community, has any prior convictions and the general nature of the allegations.

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