King Street Grille robbed at gunpoint

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police are looking for two men who robbed King Street Grille at gun point early Wednesday morning in downtown Charleston.

According to Charleston police, two black males wearing masks robbed King Street Grille and took all the money out of the safe around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday. The suspects then fled down the back staircase and out the back door of the restaurant, which leads to the parking lot.

One of the restaurant employees said he went to go into the back office to get some change for one of his employees when he saw a black male wearing a mask, which had the eye holes cut out, rummaging through the desk in the office.

The employee told police he asked what the man was doing and the man turned around and showed a black gun and told him to "open the safe." At that point, a second black male reentered the office and was holding a nickel plated handgun. The employee complied with the men and opened the safe. The suspects then asked the employee for his keys and told him to get on the floor of the office.

After the suspects left, the employee called 911. The employee said there were about five patrons sitting at the bar during the robbery and two of them said they witnessed something.

The first witness said he saw a black male enter the restaurant through the front door and head towards the bathroom in the back of the bar area. He never saw him come back out to the front.

The second witness was outside smoking a cigarette and witnessed a black male, described as slightly heavy set, running from the general area where the back door is located towards Wentworth Street. He was wearing a black polo style shirt with either white or red lines in it.

Police used K-9 dogs, but were unable to track the suspects.

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