North Charleston speed hump plan tabled again

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston City Council Thursday night tabled discussions of a proposed $60,000 speed hump purchase plan for the city's many residential areas because Mayor Keith Summey and another Council member were not in attendance.

The Council had planned to hear ideas on placing 20 speed humps in residential areas across the city. The plan would add two in each Council district.

The Finance Committee recommended approval of the plan to purchase 20 of the $3,000 speed humps and to fund the purchase largely from contingency funds.

According to the Council agenda, $41,796 remains in the Council's contingency account, but the Finance Committee expects the account to receive a $110,000 bump from a pending business license agreement.

The Finance Committee created a checklist of criteria to ensure each speed hump was placed in optimal areas to calm busy traffic. According to the committee, each speed hump can only be used on residential, two-lane roads with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. Traffic on the roadway has to be more than 500 cars but fewer than 4,000 car per day. Drainage on the road cannot be negative impacted by the installation of the hump and the humps cannot be placed in areas of limited visibility.

The committee included a provision stating the Emergency Service Departments must approve the roadways before the speed humps are installed.

The speed humps can only be placed on roads maintained by the City of North Charleston. Roads maintained by the SC Department of Transportation fall under different guidelines. That has created a problem in the past with other speed hump proposals because county and state roads criss-cross most of the city's jurisdiction.

Claiming the speed humps will be up to each district's council members. They will have to submit a request, which will kick into action a chain of approval starting with Public Works and North Charleston Police and ending with the Home Owner's Association in each neighborhood.

At an Aug. 19 committee meeting, the committee voted 6-4 to recommend approval of the purchase, but the full Council removed the item from the Aug. 26 meeting.

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