Police: Witnesses take down man trying to rob Huddle House

Williams. (Source: CCSO Detention Center)
Williams. (Source: CCSO Detention Center)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A suspect was apprehended by witnesses after he tried to rob a North Charleston Huddle House with a butcher knife last week, police said.

The responding North Charleston police officer said that he arrived and found 44-year-old Donald Ray Williams lying on the ground bleeding from his nose with a large cut above his right eye.

Witness told police that Williams attempted to rob the Huddle House ay 4620 Dorchester Rd. with a butcher knife.

Police believe that Williams may have been under the influence of crack cocaine during the attempted robbery. He was charged with armed robbery and assault and battery with intent to kill.

All witnesses present told police that Williams went behind the counter and held a butcher knife to one employee's side who was at the register and demanded money from him. The employee told police that he was able to shove the knife away from Williams and run towards the back room of the restaurant.

According to police, Williams chased the employee until he fell on the ground and then the employee began repeatedly kicking Williams in the groin area in an attempt to defend himself. Williams kept aggressively coming at the employee, swinging the knife attempting to stab him.

Finally, the employee was led back to the register at knife-point where Williams demanded the money once again.

The employee told police that he opened the register and Williams grabbed the register and ran out of the door. Once outside, a witness told police that he tripped Williams and jumped on top of him and secured the knife. Another witness told police that when Williams was tripped, he dropped the register. The cash from the register fell on the ground and resulted in what the witness called a "free-for-all."

While searching Williams, a small steak knife was found in the front right pocket of his jeans. Williams was placed into custody and transported to Roper St. Francis hospital by EMS.

The employee sustained a cut to his left wrist during the altercation.

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