World Trade Center beams brought to SC, memorial planned

IRMO, SC (WIS) - Nine years after terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Center towers in New York City, a Midlands man is building a memorial in Lexington using two steel beams from the buildings that collapsed at Ground Zero. 

Daniel Hennigan got the idea in 2009 on a trip to New York City with two White Knoll Middle School teenagers who were 9/11 essay winners. Right after the attacks, students from White Knoll Middle School helped raised $500k to buy a fire truck for a Brooklyn ladder company that lost 7 firefighters.

Hennigan and three Irmo firefighters went to New York City Sunday to pick up the two 14 foot beams from a warehouse that houses parts of the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.

It was Irmo firefighter Tommy Amick's first time visiting Ground Zero. "A lot of noise, a lot of traffic, lights, sirens, everything going on, but as soon as you got near the site itself it was just so quiet, eerie quiet," said Amick.

The beams arrived Wednesday and will be stored in a warehouse until plans can be drafted to include the steel into the Lexington County First Responders Wall of Remembrance Memorial, tentatively scheduled to be unveiled on 9/11/11.

"This steel is precious and it needs to be treated like that," Hennigan said. "They're going to be part of a memorial, so we'll get with an architect and we'll start the design."

Hennigan hopes the memorial will help all of South Carolina remember. "After 9/11 everybody had flags on their collars and on their cars. As I look out here now, I see no flags on any collars and I see no flags on any cars," said Hennigan.

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