Another monster diamondback rattlesnake found in Ga.

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

POULAN, GA (WALB) - A family made a shocking discovery outside a Worth County home over the weekend. They found an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake nearly seven feet in length lying in the street.

This is the second time this family has found a Diamondback rattlesnake near the home. The normal size is usually 5 feet 5 inches long, so they're just glad this nearly seven foot beast didn't put anyone in danger.

However, they believe this may just be one of many slithering in the wooded area nearby. A couple nights prior, the huge rattler was lying on the asphalt outside of Natasha Harris' home. It startled her when she was coming home Thursday night.

"I was like, 'Is that a pipe laying in the road?' and my brother was like, 'No, I don't think that was a pipe,'" Harris said.

In fact, it was a Diamondback rattlesnake in the road where her where her 5-year-old son Tazja plays.

"I'm always having kids around in the yard so it was really scary," Harris said. "If something that big bit a child, the child probably wouldn't even survive."

To put her life and others out of danger, Harris ran for a 12-gauge shot gun and made sure the snake was no longer alive.

Her grandfather took the snake to a friend who tans and skins snake scales for a hobby. The family is still concerned more rattlers are out there since they tend to live in dry, pine flat woods.

Diamondback venom kills red blood cells and causes tissue damage. It can kill humans. According to National Geographic, most bites occur when humans bother or try to capture a rattlesnake.

It's rare for Eastern Diamondbacks to grow up to seven feet in length, but there are several documented cases. In fact last year a 7 feet 3 inches long rattler was captured in St. Augustine, Fla.

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