1 Year Later: President's school speech allowed in NC county

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Students in Brunswick County schools will see President Obama's back-to-school address Tuesday, unless parents opt out of allowing them to view it.

The decision to carry the speech is a 180 degree turn from last year, when Brunswick Schools required students to sign a permission slip to see the speech at a later time.  At the time, school leaders said the move was to give parents time to review the content.

There was controversy last year when President Obama planned the first speech.  Some felt politics would be part of the message given to students.

In Pender County, this year each school will make its own individual decision on whether to carry the speech Tuesday.  Joyce Keith with Pender County Schools says it may vary by classroom, whether the teacher feels the content will fit in with the curriculum.

In Columbus County, students will be able to see the speech, although parents can opt out.  Whiteville City Schools will also carry the speech at the teacher's discretion.

Bladen County Schools will make the speech available to schools and allow each school to decide if it will show it.

New Hanover County Schools plans to record the speech at 1 p.m. and allow schools to play it back at a convenient time for them.

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