Spartanburg man beats would-be robber with mop

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WIS) — A would-be robber made a clean getaway from a Spartanburg home, but only after the owner beat him with a Swiffer WetJet mop.

Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies say 71-year-old Phillip Graham called around 9 p.m. Wednesday after an intruder dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask came into the kitchen of his Spartanburg home as he was cleaning.

The side door was unlocked because Graham was going in and out, emptying the trash.
"This guy opened the door, stepped foot in my house," recounted Graham. "It looked like he had a weapon, he held it up like this. I couldn't really tell what it was. He told me to get down and I grabbed the Swiffer, started jabbing him with it and it broke off, so I still kept on jabbing."
With the Swiffer in one hand and a plugged-in Dustbuster in the other, Graham wasn't giving up.
"I told him 'you get out of my house you sorry son of a [expletive], I'll kill you,' " Graham said.
He would have chased the suspect, but he could only go as far as the Dustbuster cord would let him.
"I kept jabbing him and he backed out and ran to the back of the house and then across behind the house."
The 71-year-old says if anything he hopes other young criminals learn a lesson from this.
"You can't just walk in on people and expect them to do what you tell them to," Graham said.
His Swiffer didn't fare well in the attack, but Graham says it doesn't matter because next time he'll use his gun to protect his home.
"Let them know that not all of us are going to stand for them to bully us around," he said.

The suspect has not been found.

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