Fisherman catches monster gator on Lake Marion

By Stephen Hooker - email

LAKE MARION, SC (WIS) - Hunters and fishermen are noted for tall tales of their exploits, but one Lake Marion fisherman's recent catch has a pretty big tail of its own.

Bert Sorin hauled in a 550 pound nearly 11-foot alligator Sunday.

"He's a world class alligator," said Sorin. "He's definitely a monster still, no doubt about it. It's like shooting a tank, they do not care."

"He turned our boat around and pulled us out to sea," recounted Sorin. "Gut-busting work for the next hour of your life."

"Hits the boat," Sorin continued. "Pow! And he goes berserk. Boom, boom, boom, tail hits the boat, knocks all of us back, tail hits the engine, beats us all up, and then he's gone."

"And now it's just like Jaws," said Sorin. "He has those two big floats and he is taking off."

But Bert and his crew won out. "We got him into the landing and everyone was pretty freaked out," he said. "We had five men to pull him into the cooler."

While all this is pretty exciting, it is a fisherman's story. So there's always the other part to these stories, 'the one that got away.' "There's a bigger one out there," said Sorin. "He's a 13- to 14-foot complete beast."

"We have a 17-foot boat," Sorin added. "I honestly don't know where you'd have room for this alligator."

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