Stratford High surveillance video shows student swiping janitor's keys

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Surveillance video shows a student swiping several sets of keys from a janitor's office at Stratford High School and now that student is in custody, police said Monday.

The student, who was not identified because he is a minor, was charged with petty larceny and 2nd degree burglary.

The surveillance video shows a student "casing the custodial break room" on Sept. 16, said the police report. The video footage shows the student entering the room and sliding keys into his pocket. Another camera shows the student then entering Assistant Principal Walker's office, the report stated.

Other surveillance footage shows the student entering the school's main office, rifling through file cabinets and stealing another set of keys from the principal's office.

The student confessed to the thefts when confronted by police, the report stated. He told police the keys had been thrown into some bushes along a cut-through between Stratford High School and Crowfield Plantation.

Police later found the keys, stated the police report.

In a statement, the student said he stayed late after the Junior Varsity football game and waited in the gym lobby before moving into the ROTC hall to watch television and then into the custodian's break room where he found the keys.

The student's mother was contacted, the report stated, and he was turned over into her custodial care pending a Family Court hearing. The school is currently investigating the cost of replacing all necessary locks.

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