North Charleston man arrested for cocaine trafficking

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston man was arrested and charged with trafficking cocaine Monday night after a routine traffic stop.

Breon Akeem Gantt, 21, was arrested after officers found a torn bag containing more than 33 grams of powder cocaine.

Officers stopped the car Gantt was driving after watching him take an illegal U-turn on Spruill Avenue, change lanes without signaling and then sit stopped at a green light.

When the officer approached the car, Gantt, who was sitting in the back seat, "appeared extremely nervous. He was sweating and slurring his speech," the police report stated. The officer saw Gantt trying to hide something between his legs.

When the officer tried to address the driver, Nathaniel Riley, Gantt repeatedly said, "This is a hot cab. This is a hot cab."

Riley consented to a search of the car and officers detained Riley, Gantt and a second passenger while a search was conducted. During the search, officers found a white powder substance in the seat and floorboard where Gantt had been and then found a torn bag of cocaine shoved between the seat.

Gantt was arrested while Riley and the other passenger were released. Riley was given a ticket for the moving violations that preceded the traffic stop.

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