Cottageville mayor resigns, interim steps into office

COTTAGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The mayor of Cottageville has resigned his position, sources close to the town's administration reported Wednesday.

According to those sources, the resignation of Goerge White came after a years-long battle with council members over dissolving the town and being incorporated into the Colleton County government.

Jimmy Ramsey will step in as interim mayor, sources said. Ramsey is a current council member.

In a 2009 Mayor's report on the state of the town, White said, "I think about how afar we have come and, at every step, we the town have faced disappointment. The biggest one was the fact that some people want to do away with this town."

"I have never seen anything like it how some people will come to a town meeting just to sit, talk during reports and never and I say never have anything positive to say. Never help, never give, but ready to complain," White said.

Officials in the mayor's office or the council have commented on the resignation.

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