Pennsylvania mother to testify in Waring murder case

Heather Kamp, left, Lorrie, right.
Heather Kamp, left, Lorrie, right.
Heather Kamp in court.
Heather Kamp in court.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A Pennsylvania mother says she is coming to Charleston to testify next week in the high profile murder trial of Kate Waring.

Ethan Carlos Mack is set to go on trial for the death of Waring; a case that has captured headlines since Waring was reported missing in June 2009.

A Pennsylvania woman named Lorrie will testify in the case about her relationship with Heather Kamp, a key player in the Waring case.

Kamp was engaged to Lorrie's brother-in-law. It was a whirlwind romance with a complicated woman.

"She told us that she had leukemia and she was dying," Lorrie said. "She told us she was pregnant with my brother-in-law's baby. Of course, she said that she was a doctor, that she was a pediatric burn specialist."

Lorrie also said Kamp performed a blood test on her 6-year-old daughter. Lorrie later called Myrtle Beach police asking them to arrest Kamp for impersonating a doctor.

"For the type of crime that it was, they could only get her if she came within the outlying states of Pennsylvania. Even though we knew where she was, they could not go get her," Lorrie said.

Kamp would eventually make her way to Charleston and later pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter in Waring's death. Her deal with prosecutors included a graphic confession that pointed the finger at Mack.

"Mr. Mack brought out a taser and began tasing Ms. Waring," Kamp's lawyer told a judge during Kamp's last court appearance.

Mack's case is next and Lorrie is ready to testify about her encounters with Kamp.

"I was relieved she was off the streets and not going to bother anyone anybody more," Lorrie said. "My heart goes out to the family because I know what she did to us and what kind of person she is, but I was so relieved that she's not going to do anything to anybody ever again."

Lorrie has details from the time she first met Kamp in an online blog. She says her testimony will show what she called an escalation of Kamp's crimes.

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