Charleston County sheriff's deputy accused of raping Summerville woman

Pressley Gaskins (Source: Summerville Police Department)
Pressley Gaskins (Source: Summerville Police Department)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston County sheriff's deputy has been arrested and accused of raping a Summerville woman on Sept. 23.

According to Summerville police, the victim had been at a local bar drinking alcohol and meeting with other area business owners. The victim left and later came back to the bar where she met several people, one of whom identified himself as being a police officer in Charleston.

The victim then went outside to have a cigarette, and the man who identified himself as a police officer, Pressley Gaskins, 25, followed her out to the smoking area at a nearby business, according to authorities.

According to the incident report, at that time Gaskins placed his privates into the victim's mouth. When she tried to fight off Gaskins, he pulled her to the ground and allegedly raped her.

A supplemental report filed by one of the responding officers noted that nothing in the scene of the alleged rape appeared to be disturbed, nor did the victim have scrapes on her knees or hands from the concrete or debris on the ground.

The victim eventually was able to get away. In the course of the investigation, the victim became argumentative with police and accused them of trying to protect the deputy-assailant.  Responding officers tried to assure her that was not the case.

"It doesn't matter who you are or what you are," said Summerville Police Capt. John Rogers. "I mean you're gonna be held responsible for actions that you take, so we just deal with it as it would be any other case and we make a case."

The woman's husband then took her to MUSC.

A bond hearing for Gaskins was held Tuesday morning. He is charged with kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct first degree.

Bond was set at $50,000.  The Charleston County Sheriff's Office has placed Gaskins on administrative leave without pay while the investigation unfolds.  Gaskins posted bond late Tuesday afternoon.

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