Summerville neighbors upset about Confederate flag

By Tracey Amick  bio | email

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Neighbors in the Brownsville community in Summerville are upset because of a confederate flag that has been placed in a newcomer's yard.

Rollings Edwards is 88 years old and he has lived in the community for almost 50 years. He said he sees more than just fabric.

"I see hatred, I see the Klan marches, the lynchings, and the hangings," Edwards said.

Ann Caddell, who is flying the confederate flag in her yard, moved on West 1st North Street a few months ago. She can fly what she wants in her own yard.

"You choose and pick your battles, if you don't like what you see move your eyes out of sight out of mind, close your mind," Caddell said.

Caddell said she is terminally ill and came home to Summerville to die so she doesn't care to fight over "dumb stuff."

"It doesn't bother me, they do what they have to do, I'll do what I will," Caddell said.

Caddell says the flag represents her birthright, her home and her heritage.

"It's not heritage, it's hatred. When the KKK was riding that was the flag they flew," Edwards said.

Besides the flag, Caddell also has a sign on her electric fence that reads "Confederate Blvd", as well as confederate stickers on her car, signs that Edwards says, makes her racist.

"I know she is, why would you put something up like that in this neighborhood? Go to Kings Grant and put that up," Edwards said.

When asked how she responds to accusations of racism, Caddell responded "I say I'm not racist and walk away."

Many neighbors have signed a petition and asked the Summerville city council to get involved. They have also asked Caddell to take the flag down, but she has said no.

The neighbors say they are afraid the situation will escalate into violence, so they are planning a protest march in early October.

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