Increased CARTA fees begin Friday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Riding the bus will become more expensive on Friday.

Increases in fare and pass fees for the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority will go into effect Friday.

CARTA unanimously approved several proposed changes to bus routes throughout the county in an effort to save money earlier this month. The route cuts or eliminations will go into effect Oct. 17.

The board elected to eliminate Route 106, the Otranto/Stall route, all CARTA @ Nite services and several Sunday services. The group also chose to make schedule changes to Route 2 which connects Mt. Pleasant with West Ashley.

Below are the new prices:

  • Regular Adult Base Fare -$1.75
  • Express Fare $3.00/$.75 up-charge with pass
  • CARTA @ Night $3.00/$.75 up-charge with pass
  • Tele-A-Ride $3.50*
  • Transfers $.30**
  • Low Income Discount Fare $1.00*
  • Senior Citizen off-Peak Fare $.85*
  • Disabled Fare $.50*
  • 1 Day Pass $6.00
  • 3 Day Pass $12.00
  • 10 Ride Pass $14.00
  • 31 Day Pass $50.00
  • 40 Ride Pass $49.00
  • 31 Day Express Pass $88.00
  • Student Pass $70.00 (Unless part of a special program)

*Requires prior qualification and/or special circumstances.

**Available only on original boarding. Transfers accepted for same direction travel at points where routes intersect.

CARTA is funded by rider fares, a local half-cent sales tax and federal money. To check out the complete list of CARTA routes, click here.

For more information, call CARTA at 843-724-7420.