Facebook hacking on the rise

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hackers are running rampant on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

All it takes is one wrong click, and your favorite social networking site could be left wide open to hackers.

"They gain access to your account through your own doing," Eric Sharpe told WTOC.

Sharpe is owner of Digital Doc, and has spent the past year helping small businesses and regular computer users with computer problems.

"The hacking has developed into something new," Sharpe said.

Sharpe is also a Facebook user, and has been for six years. He's seen a rise in hacking attempts and attacks. From your Facebook inbox to your Facebook wall, anyone can comment if you let them.

"Someone will post something online, 'Oh I saw you in a video.' But it's really not them. They had clicked on this link and it keeps unfolding ... over the Internet," Sharpe said. "This is a great example. 'You have to check this out. I feel the difference.' The link, it's not a dot-com, it's not a typical link. This is going to be redirecting us to a site we don't want to go to."

If you copy and paste the link into a search engine, don't click on it. You will see it is not legit.

"Something should show up if it was a proper link," Sharpe said.

Another new trick hackers use is the infamous "like" application on Facebook, where you can "like" different people, places and topics.

"Eighty things to do on exams if you think you will fail," Sharpe said, pointing out another example. "The spelling is different. It has a lot of people liking it. The second you click this link, it will automatically gain access into your account."

"If there is something out of the ordinary, have that little flag that raises in your head," he said.

Sharpe said that once the red flag goes up, don't hesistate, warn your friends and change your password. "Use a password that is at least eight characters long that is something someone cannot easily access," Sharpe said. "I suggest over the next couple months, you be very weary about this."

Another important reminder and safeguard is to avoid adding friends you do not know. If you notice one of your friends may have had their profile hacked or if you're profile has been hacked, contact your friends and let them know before they click on the link which started all of the trouble.

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