Greenberg Building to remain closed Wednesday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Fire Department responded to a call the Greenberg Municipal Building at 180 Lockwood Boulevard about smoke in the building Tuesday.  The source of the smoke was found to be an elevator motor.  No injuries were reported.

While there was no damage caused, fumes generated by the motor need to be ventilated, which will necessitate closing several offices in the building.  The affected offices are the City of Charleston Municipal Court, the SC Department of Motor Vehicles, the City of Charleston Department of Traffic and Transportation, and Revenue Collections - Parking Division.

The City of Charleston announced Tuesday that work to clear the building will result in the need to keep the building closed on Wednesday.

The Department of Traffic and Transportation will provide limited service such as permitting of construction parking passes, street blocking permits and meter bags by phone.  Citizens can also call (958-6488 or 973-7288) for incident reports such as signals or downed signs

Anyone who is scheduled for any action Tuesday or Wednesday in Charleston Municipal Court is asked not to report.  Court officials will send those scheduled for court Tuesday a letter regarding rescheduling of their cases at a later time.

Operations at the Charleston Police Department Building behind the Greenberg Building are not affected by this incident.

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