13th Asian restaurant robbed at gun point

RAVENEL, SC (WCSC) – Another Chinese restaurant was robbed Wednesday night. This time, a Ravenel restaurant was robbed, making it the 13th Asian restaurant robbed in the last two months.

According to the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, the Lam's Garden Chinese restaurant located at 6332 Savannah Highway was robbed at gun point just after 9 p.m. Wednesday.

The victims told authorities that the suspects entered the restaurant carrying black handguns with their T-shirts pulled up covering their faces.  The suspects yelled at the victims "Don't move."

According to the victims, each suspect pointed their gun at one of the two victims. The first suspect then joined the second suspect behind the counter.  The first suspect attempted to open the cash register, but was unable to do so.  He then demanded that one of the victims open the register.

The victims said that when the register was open, the first suspect took the cash from it and began rummaging behind the counter where he found the second victim's purse.  According to deputies, $1,000 was stolen from the purse.

The other victim said that one of the suspects patted him down for his wallet and then took it.

Both victims told police that the suspects fled the scene through the back door of the business. Police arrived first on scene and then sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the scene to continue the investigation.

Timeline of Asian restaurant robberies

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