Ex-boyfriend says he tried to warn Waring about Kamp

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson questions Antione Green.
Solicitor Scarlett Wilson questions Antione Green.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The trial of Ethan Mack, accused of killing Kate Waring moved into its fifth day Friday.  The defense finished its cross examination of the prosecution's key witness, Heather Kamp.

Kamp was testifying against Ethan Mack who is on trial for Waring's 2009 murder.  Prosecutors say Mack tortured Waring with a taser, knocked her out by hitting her in the head with a wine bottle and then with help from Kamp, put an unconscious Waring in a bathtub to drown.

A bit of courtroom controversy came just before noon when Solicitor Scarlett Wilson complained to Judge J.C. Nicholson Jr. about a juror who is continually sleeping.  The judge ushered out the jury and then he pointed out two jurors that had been sleeping.  Judge Nicholson said he would have the jury stand if it happened again.

Waring's married ex-boyfriend, Howard Gatch, then took the stand.  He said that Waring had introduced him to Kamp, and he had reservations about her.  Her sent a text message to Waring the night she died warning her to stay away from Kamp.

Gatch also testified that he had spoken to Waring the night she was killed.  He and Waring spoke while she was with Mack and Kamp, and Gatch said he told her to be careful, and he says Waring told him she would no longer be hanging out with Kamp.

Gatch testified that he had gotten that call from Waring at 10:15 p.m., and he called her back 12 minutes later because the call had dropped.  According to phone records, the next call from Gatch to Waring came at 12:30 a.m. on June 13, and then another a minute later.  Gatch says that was the last time he ever spoke to Waring.

Another friend of Waring's, Jason Luck, testified that he had gotten a voice mail from Waring on June 12.  Luck says Waring was agitated and was ranting that someone had stolen her identity and took out credit accounts in her name.  Luck did not get that message until the next day after Waring's father called him.

Luck says he tried texting Kate twice that day but never got a response.

Charleston Police Department Investigator Barry Goldstien testified that Mack had pawned several item of jewelry that police believe belonged to Waring.

Later in the day, a Charleston County Detention Center inmate that Mack met in jail took the stand.  Antione Green confirmed Kamp's testimony that she and Mack had been passing notes while in the jail using torn up bed sheets.

Green then said Mack asked him to write a letter intended for Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.  According to Green, that letter contained a version of events that said Kamp, in a fit of jealousy, acted alone in the killing of Waring.  Green used drafts that Mack had written to write his false letter to Wilson.

Upon cross examination, Mack's attorneys implied Green was testifying to strike a deal with the Solicitors Office to have his 1st degree burglary charges reduced.  When Wilson redirected and asked Green if he was getting anything in exchange for his testimony, he said no.

The trial will reconvene on Monday, October 11.

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