Inmate says Mack plotted against Kamp

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Antjuan Green is awaiting trial on burglary charges in the Charleston county detention center... where he often crosses paths with Ethan Mack.

Green was called to the stand  on Friday and testified  he over-heard conversations between  Mack  and Kamp about  details of  Waring's murder.

Once Mack knew Green heard the conversations between Mack and Kamp, he approached Green with a plan to pin Kate Waring's murder on Kamp.  Mack drafted a letter that Green rewrote in his own words. The letter stated that Green had heard Kamp confess to Waring's murder.  The letter would then be sent to Solicitor Scarlet Wilson.

Instead of going through with the plan, Green turned over the letters to detectives revealing Mack's plot to discredit Kamp.

Kamp changed her story about a third suspect in the case.   She said Terry Williams did not help dump Kate Waring's body.   Kamp said she gave Williams Waring's iPod thinking he suspected their involvement in Waring's disappearance.

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