Crime scene video, photos of Waring's remains shown to jury

Tom and Janice Waring watch crime scene video from when their daughter's remains were found.
Tom and Janice Waring watch crime scene video from when their daughter's remains were found.
Crime scene where Waring's remains were found
Crime scene where Waring's remains were found
Crime scene where Waring's remains were found
Crime scene where Waring's remains were found
Bobby Minter, private investigator
Bobby Minter, private investigator
Jeff Miller, CPD crime scene investigator
Jeff Miller, CPD crime scene investigator

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Crime scene photos and video were shown to jurors and courtroom spectators Monday as the Kate Waring murder trial resumed.

Ethan Mack is on trial for the 2009 murder of Waring. Heather Kamp, who is also charged with murder, testified against Mack last week, saying he tortured Waring with a stun gun, hit her with a wine bottle and eventually drowned her in a bathtub.

Waring's body was found on Wadamalaw Island four months after she disappeared in 2009.

Jeff Miller, a crime scene technician for the Charleston Police Department, took the stand and discussed crime scene photos and video from the wooded Wadamalaw Island area where Waring's body was discovered by private investigators.

During his testimony, the prosecution played a video of the crime scene where Waring's body was found. The area was heavily wooded and the trail was overgrown. Miller said the body was found near an oak tree about 200 yards down the trail.

During the video, the Waring family was visibly shaken.

"I could see no sign that the body was buried or an attempt to bury," Miller said.

The video showed Waring's skull, pelvis, spine and other bones that were found at the site. Markers were placed at the location of each bone that was found.

"Did you continue to search the area?" Wilson asked.

"Yes. We cut down everything and found more remains," Miller said.

Miller said they found an earring with the help of a metal detector.

"The way the bones were spread out and pulled into the woods it looked like animal activity," Miller said.

Private investigator Bobby Minter testified Monday about how he found Waring's remains. He told the jury that Kamp told him and other private investigators where to find the remains.

Minter testified that he went out to Polly Point Road on Wadmalaw Island with two other private investigators and came across bones while walking in the woods on what he said appeared to be an animal path.

"I called to the other guys and said 'I've got her,' " Minter said.

Joanne Goodhope worked at Marone Builders where Mack worked. She testified that they were building homes and looking at lots on Polly Point Road. She said Mack built some of the homes there.

"How did the gate work?" Wilson asked.

"There was a code," Goodhope said.

"Did Mack know the code?" Wilson asked.

"Yes," Goodhope replied.

Bill Capps, who also worked for the Waring family as a private investigator on the case testified to being present when Waring's body was found. He also said Kamp led them to the discovery.

"I was strictly involved in technology, checking voicemail and emails. Doing what I could from the technology side," Capps said. "I interviewed (Howard) Gatch. Other than that it was backing up other investigators."

Capps said that investigators had Mack's home under video surveillance.

Miller also testified about a search warrant for the Riley Road home and how he was looking for blood evidence.

"We located two spots and tested for blood in the bedroom. They were both negative," Miller said.

Michael Sherman, a crime scene investigator with the Charleston Police Department, said 93 samples were taken for testing from the Riley Road home and none of them turned up with anything.

"It was obvious this was an apartment that had been cleaned up pretty well," Sherman said. will continue to bring you live updates of the case on our live blog.

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