Handwriting expert says Kamp wrote checks, Mack endorsed them

Forged check
Forged check

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Handwriting expert Brenda Heath testified Monday that there is a high probability that Heather Kamp forged murder victim Kate Waring's signature on checks stolen from Waring.

Heath took the stand on the fifth day of testimony in Ethan Mack's trial for Waring's murder. Heather Kamp, who is also charged with murder, testified against Mack last week, saying he tortured Waring with a stun gun, hit her with a wine bottle and eventually drowned her in a bathtub.

On Monday, Heath compared handwriting samples from Mack, Kamp and Waring. She testified that there was no doubt Kamp forged checks on Waring's account.

After looking at the checks from Waring to Mack, Heath said she has determined the checks were written by the same person.

"Strong probability they were all written by Heather Kamp," Heath said. "It's a virtual certainty. There are one or two things I could not verify."

"And the endorsement?" Wilson asked.

"They both contain endorsement of Ethan Mack. It was probable that he wrote it."

Heath concluded that Kamp wrote and filled out the checks, but Mack endorsed them.

Linda Jackson, who works at the bank where Mack tried to cash a forged $4,500 check from Wairing, began Monday's testimony.

"He came in with a check to cash for $4,500," Jackson said. "I looked at it, looked at the memo line and compared the signature with what we had on file in the computer. It was not a match."

Jackson said she told him he would have to get it approved. She tried to call Waring, but did not reach her. She tried both parents too. She held Mack's information and turned it over to Waring's father when he called back.

When Waring's father called, Jackson learned that Kate Waring was missing.

"What made you suspicious?" Solicitor Scarlett Wilson asked.

Jackson said something seemed off with Mack and the check.

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