News travels at the speed of technology

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thousands of people have been getting live instant updates in the Kate Waring case since it began, as the social media craze continues to gain steam.

Since the beginning of the Kate Waring murder trial,  Live 5 News web producer Sam Tyson has packed lightly to cover the case.

"No bulky camera equipment, no laptops. It's just me and my iPhone," Tyson said.

From that iPhone Tyson has given a detailed account of the trial from inside the courtroom via an interactive online blog.

I was told that one of Kate's brothers who's back in London now is following the case through the blog," said Tyson.

Twitter has also become a popular way for news media to cover court cases.

State courts generally welcome reporters to use social media, but federal courts can be more restrictive.

"You feel like you're involved in the case," said Sue Johnson, who has been following the blog on the Kate Waring trial. " I like the pictures. I like as many pictures as they can show because that gives you more of an idea of what's going on in there."

Johnson said she knew Kate Waring's mom growing up and has spent hours on the blog, even becoming annoyed with some less informed users.

"I guess they log on and they just start asking questions, and it's like go back and at least read the last four to five sentences, you'll know," said Johnson.

"There are a lot of questions. In fact,  when I usually go down for lunch or we take breaks during the morning or the afternoon I've got anywhere from 100 to 250 questions to scroll through and try to answer," said Tyson.

Since the case began over 3,000 people have logged on to read the blog and more than 1,200 comments and questions have been made.

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