Mack's sister describes Kamp as 'Psycho' during testimony

Corinne Mack Dean
Corinne Mack Dean
Mack's sister, Tishka Mack
Mack's sister, Tishka Mack

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Ethan Mack's mother was the first witness called to testify for the defense Tuesday in the Kate Waring murder trial.

Corinne Mack Dean took the stand around 11:30 a.m. to testify in her son's murder trial. Mack's sister, Tishka Mack, also testified. The prosecution wrapped up its case Tuesday morning in the Ethan Mack murder trial after spending the last five days calling witnesses.

Ethan Mack is on trial for the 2009 murder of Kate Waring. Heather Kamp, who is also charged with murder, testified against Mack last week, saying he tortured Waring with a stun gun, hit her with a wine bottle and eventually drowned her in a bathtub.

Mack's mother, 49-year-old Corinne Mack Dean, lives in Pineland with two of her grandchildren. She has four children and three grandchildren. She works for a catering service. Dean testified that she welcomed Waring into her home because of her close friendship with Ethan Mack.

"She just started coming in and I welcomed her into my home," Dean said. "When I was cooking she would ask questions about it."

Dean said that Waring hung out with Mack because she said that Mack was like her big brother.

"When she said that, I said I'm going to open my heart and accept her as his sister," Dean said. "I wanted her to know she was a part of my family."

Dean testified that Waring stayed many nights in their home. She said usually it was when Mack picked Waring up in the middle of the night. He gave up his room and he slept in the den.

Dean said that police officers came to search her home and did not have a search warrant, but she let them look anyway. She said that the investigators told her that Waring's father, Tom Waring, believed Waring's body was in her home.

"I was just worried about where Kate was," Dean said.

Dean was also asked about Heather Kamp. She said that Mack introduced her as Waring's friend and that Kamp introduced herself as a doctor and told Dean that her ex-husband and daughter had been killed in a car accident.

"(Kamp) came in talking about Kate saying she had gotten her brother locked up," Dean said. "(Kamp said) Kate turned her brother in to police and now her daddy and family had to come down and her brother didn't love Kate anymore."

Dean said Kamp said that Waring would have to pay for that.

"Kate was screaming and yelling," Dean said. "She was saying that Kamp is not who she said. She's not telling y'all the truth. When we heard that, we told Kamp she couldn't come back to our house."

After that, Dean said Mack moved out of her house.

"It was his own decision to leave," Dean said. "He was welcome in my home, but until (Kamp) could prove she didn't do those things she couldn't come back."

Mack's sister, Tishka Mack, described Kamp as a psycho after she learned Kamp lied about being a doctor. Mack's sister has a medical background and that is how she was able to figure out that Kamp was a phony physician.

Still, family members say Mack continued to see Kamp. On the stand Tuesday, Mack's sister testified that she Googled Kamp's name and learned she had been arrested for posing as a doctor in Pennsylvania.

Waring was Tishka's son Malakai's godmother. Tishka said the last time she spoke with Waring, Waring told her she was worried Kamp was trying to move in on the Mack family and replace her.

"I don't want to lose you guys," Waring told Tishka.

A private investigator testified that Kamp called Mack frantic and said she feared another defendant in the case was about to give them up.

The private investigator carried around a bag of money, calling it flash money, hoping someone would lead them to Waring's body. He called it flash money.

He offered money to Terry Williams if he could give him information that would help find Waring's body.

Williams is charged with obstruction of justice and lying to police in connection with Waring's murder.

Private investigator Eugene Frazier testified that Kamp told him to get lost when he went to talk to Williams about Waring's disappearance.

Before court began Tuesday morning, defense attorney David Aylor talked about his client.

"His health is good," Aylor said. "I think a lot of the change in his appearance is probably the picture that was taken as opposed to what he looks like in a suit."

The defense is expected to call close to 10 witnesses, which means the trial could last several more days. will continue to bring you live updates of the case on our live blog.

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