Time trapped takes physical, emotional toll on miners

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The 33 Chilean miners trapped for over two months will have physical and emotional struggles once they have all been rescued. So far, 10 of the miners have been pulled safely to the surface.

Dr. Charles Staples with Trident Medical Center says during the ascent the miners could go through panic and anxiety of being in the small capsule as well as the possibility of experiencing blood clots and nausea.

Staples said that after being pulled to the surface and whisked away to the hospital there are a number of physical aspects that will need immediate attention.

He said says the first thing will be getting them warm if needed and then get them to the hospital.

They are looking for stuff like malnutrition and dehydration. They will check and see if the kidneys, the liver and the heart are functioning properly. Then doctors will deal with the psychological ramifications and check them out medically before treating the psychological issues.

One of the big things that doctors will be looking at in the coming weeks is the psychological stress and anxiety that the men have endured.

Chile's government has promised to provide at least six months of psychological support for the miners.

Stapes said that the physical and mental stress on the miner's bodies could be with them for months or even years. For some, a toll like this could even stay with them for a lifetime.

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