Cross-country cycling trip raises funds for widow support

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - In November 2009, John Jones was trapped upside down in a Utah cave for 28 hours.  By the time rescue workers were able to reach him, Jones had passed away leaving his wife, Emily, a 13-month-old daughter, and an unborn son.

Emily had a support system in place to help her through the difficult time.  Her brother, Dan Petersen suggested a cross country cycling trip to help raise money for Emily to help her through the financial strains her husband's passing placed on the family.  But Emily wanted that money to go to help other widows who might not have the support she had in making it through the tough time.

The Liz Logelin Foundation was chosen to receive all proceeds from the 4,000 mile bike trip.  The Nutty Putty Cyclers, comprised of Eric Maughan, Jonathan Miller, Oliver Thompson, and Petersen are riding down the East Coast and will ride across the southern US reaching San Diego, California in mid-December.

The group will make a stop in Moncks Corner on Wednesday, October 13.  For more information, or to donate, visit the group's website.

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