Witness says Mack rapped death threats on ride back to jail

Antoine Green
Antoine Green
Ethan Mack
Ethan Mack

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff's Office confirmed that murder suspect Ethan Mack and witness Antoine Green were transported back to jail in the same van after court last week.

Mack is on trial for the June 2009 murder of Kate Waring. Prosecutors say Mack tortured Waring with a taser at his James Island apartment, hit her with a wine bottle and put the unconscious woman in the bathtub to drown.

Green was called back to the stand Wednesday and testified that he and Mack were transported back to the jail together last week. Green testified Mack threatened him in a rap song on the way back to jail.

Major John Clark with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said they did ride back together and it is standard operating procedure. He said the office doesn't have too many vans to spread around.

One of Waring's ex-boyfriend's also testified Wednesday. He denied allegations that he had put a hit out on her, which contradicts testimony from the second murder suspect, Heather Kamp.

Kamp testified that Anthony Boling ordered the "hit" on Waring. The defense has spent the trial trying to discredit Kamp, exposing a deep history of lies.

Kamp has admitted she helped Mack kill Waring. She also faces murder charges.

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