Feral cat trap tomorrow at James Island

The number of free-roaming cats is growing by the day.  In Charleston County alone there are thousands of free roaming cats in hundreds of colonies.

Tomorrow the Feline- Freedom- Coalition is planning a mass trapping to help control the cat population.

Feline Freedom Coalitions mission is to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as many cats as possible to help reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens.

The -TRN-method has proven to be very successful in a number of communities across the Country.

One pair of breeding cats can produce more than 400,000 cats over a 7 year span.

The public can assist the mission by informing the Feline Freedom Coalition of existing colonies and assisting trapping and the safe return of the cats.

Tomorrow the Feline Freedom Coalition will be in Riverland terrace neighborhood in James Island.

For more information on the cat trap visit the Feline Freedom Coalition website at www.felinefreedom.org.