Black Caucus encourages black voters to cast their ballots in Nov.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The South Carolina Black Caucus wants to send a clear message to voters: get out and vote!

The group is holding a news conference at 11 a.m. Thursday to encourage people to vote on November 2, because they're worried fewer registered voters will head to polls this year.

Turnout among African American voters is normally low anyway, according to Rep. Leon Howard. But there was a boost in 2008 because of President Obama.

Now, the Black Caucus is hoping the shaken economy will motivate voters.

But not everyone standing in line at the unemployment office in Columbia is planning to vote.

"I have a lot of issues with this state," said one unemployed 36-year-old woman who did not want to give WIS-TV her name. She said she will not be casting her vote in November.

"The reality is that you're not working. You don't feel like going out. You feel, if you do make the effort, that nothing is actually going to change and it's much better for you to save that gas and get your kids to school in the morning or wherever," the woman said.

She has several college degrees, but has been in and out of work for three years. She doesn't think voting for anyone will turn things around for her.

The Black Caucus is trying to fight that mentality.

"If you know someone who lost their job, (if) you lost your job or home in this economic crisis, we feel that it is our duty to encourage voter turnout," Rep. Howard said.

The Black Caucus plans on running public service announcements on television over the next few weeks to get people to the polls.

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