Despite mistrial on murder charge, Mack still gets 15 years

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - After sentencing Friday, Ethan Mack's family left the courtroom immediately, declining to make any comment.

Kate Waring's father, Tom Waring, spoke on behalf of his family. He talked for about two minutes, thanking family and friends for support and even showed sympathy for Mack's family.

Mack was found guilty on forgery and obstruction of justice charges, but a judge declared a mistrial on the murder charge related to the death of Kate Waring.

"This has been a very painful 2 weeks," Tom Waring said. "Both for our family and we certainly understand Mr. Mack's family had to suffer the same ordeal for their loved one."

Waring also said he and his family were disappointed the jury did not reach a verdict on the murder charges. He said he looks forward to seeing the matter resolved in the future and plans on justice prevailing in his daughter's case.

Waring said his family was pleased with the unanimous vote on the other two charges and with Mack's sentencing by the judge.

The solicitor's office plans to try Mack again. Even though the jury couldn't agree on a verdict on the murder charge and the judge declared a mistrial, Mack will spend the next 15 years in prison on the forgery and obstruction of justice charges.

Mack didn't take the stand in his own defense during trial, but he did ask for leniency in his sentencing.

"It's clearly up to your decision," Mack told the judge Friday. "I just want to know if you can have leniency upon me sir."

The judge was not swayed by Mack's plea and gave him the maximum sentence allowed on both charges, sending Mack to prison for 15 years. Mack has already served one year of that sentence.

Both the defense and the prosecution agree that Kamp's testimony kept the jury from making a decision on the murder charge. Former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon says that will be the prosecution's biggest challenge next time around.

"I'm sure Solicitor Wilson will focus in on how to make her case stronger the next time, to try and bolster the testimony of this corroborating defendant," Condon said.

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